Hopewell Road

The Great Hopewell Road connects the monumental Hopewell centers located at Newark and Chillicothe -- a distance of 60 miles through the heart of Ohio.

In 1862, the first 6 miles of this controversial road, marked by parallel earthen banks almost 200 feet apart, were surveyed by two brothers, C. and J. Salisbury. They noted that the road extended much farther in the direction of Chillicothe. Dr. Brad Lepper, the present-day champion of the Great Hopewell Road, claims that there are still traces of the road remaining at four additional places along the 60-mile line connecting Newark and Chillicothe.

Current research using LiDAR imagery furthers the cause of this enormous undertaking by our prehistoric brethren, but only onsite field surveys will verify once and for all its existence.