My most recent focus has been on Ohio's native American Indians -- in particular the Hopewell and Adena cultures. While my thesis on the Great Hopewell Road was completed back in November of 2004, the National Park Service has published an abstract of that work on its Internet Website. Please take a moment to explore the numerous articles posted by the many renowned authors who regularly contribute to this wonderful site.

I have worked in conjunction with the Ohio Historical Society to determine whether or not the use of Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing could aid in the detection of the location of what has become know at The Great Hopewell Road. The results of that research can be found under the Hopewell Road link to the left, as can some additional information that may be beneficial.

Additionally, I have previously worked with fellow cartographer Nicole Stump to map Ohio's Serpent Mound, located in Adams County. Having gained permission from the Ohio Historical Society to actually walk atop the Mound, Nicole and I used the technology of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) to accurately map the length, and location of the Mound.

Hopefully, my research can be of some benefit to you as well. If you have any questions or concerns about my work, please let me know.